10 Tips For Getting Ready On The Morning Of Your Wedding

The morning of a wedding can be an emotional, nerve-racking and hilarious few hours for any bride.

Bridal Dressing Room is a bright, airy space that includes a rain shower, salon chairs, mirrors and ample room for the bridal party.

Beth Beresford has been a wedding photographer for many years and has shot a number weddings.

She shares her tips on how to get ready in a relaxed and stress-free manner.

1. What to Wear

It’s not just about your gorgeous dress when you plan what to wear. Think about the outfits you would like everyone to wear during bridal preparation.

I can imagine a number of wedding parties who have brought only their favorite Mickey Mouse pyjamas for getting ready, only to discover that they are about to be photographed in these beloved PJs in the wedding gallery.

I tell all my brides that they should wear clothes they feel comfortable in.

The more relaxed and fun you are, the more you’ll enjoy yourselves.

You don’t need to wear a silk dress, though they look stunning. You could treat yourself to some beautiful, but simple, white pajamas.

2. Let there be Light!

Your girl group will probably be quite large, and you’ll all want to prepare together.

It’s important to book a place that offers plenty of space, has windows and natural light, or even has a make-up station.

If your crew is doing their own makeup, it’s likely that they will take up the largest window. You don’t want them to fight for any remaining natural light.

3. Keep your surroundings tidy

The bridal preparation room in a large venue can fill up quickly.

Add your bridesmaids and family, and the room gets crowded quickly. Things can easily go missing, and the room can become chaotic.

Keep as much as possible in clearly marked bags and store them in the designated area. Hobbycraft sells paper bags in white, or you could spend more and buy bags with printed names.

Use cute paper labels or buy personalised hangers on Etsy to make it easy for your bridesmaids to see their dresses.

4. Avoid wet flowers

You will find that your flowers have dropped and look beautiful in a vase at the corner of the living room. However, you should remove them from the water 30 minutes before you intend to hold them.

Water can be trapped in the ends of stems, and this could cause water stains to appear on your dress.

5. Try on the dress.

Consider who you would like to assist you in putting on your dress.

It is often forgotten until the very last moment, but it’s important that the person you choose to be with you at your wedding remains by your side until you walk down the aisle.

Allow that person to practice putting your dress on, even if only it is hanging.

Some dresses have complicated bodices with fiddly buttonholes and hidden loopholes.

Bring the person with you to the shop to collect the dress. The bridal shop or dressmaker will usually show you how to put it on and pin up the skirt.

The dresses with tiny buttons on the back are probably the most difficult to put together, especially if the person you’re dressing has long nails.

6. Get it on Early!

Dress at least one hour before the ceremony.

You may think that getting into your gown so early is a bit excessive, but it will allow you to take some last-minute pictures and enjoy a glass or two of champagne.

7. Easy Earrings

If you don’t usually wear earrings, you should practice putting them on.

It can be difficult to put them in. The last thing you need is to stress yourself out trying.

You could put in simple studs the night before.

8. Make-up mistake

When applying your own makeup, be careful with the SPF.

Many foundations contain SPF to protect skin against sun damage. They reflect and block light.

You may find it difficult to enjoy your wedding.

If you are using flash photography to take pictures, your SPF will reflect an abnormal amount of lighting compared with the rest of your body. This is especially true if your neck or shoulders are on display.

It will result in pictures of you with a white face and the rest your body a different colour.

9. Remember your essentials

You will usually pack a small bag of toiletries when you travel. You can do the same with your bridal preparation.

This can be done well in advance so that you don’t have to worry on the day about forgetting to bring your toothbrush and shampoo.

Baby wipes are essential! These wipes are great for any emergency.

10. Stay hydrated

The room will heat up quickly if there are many people in the same room with hair dryers and heating.

Wearing a dress will also keep you warm.

Dehydration is a serious problem, especially on hot summer days.

Bring large bottles of water or have them delivered to the bridal preparation room.

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