8 Wedding Planning Mistakes Almost Every Couple Makes

Wedding planning can be a stressful experience. There are hundreds of choices to make when planning a wedding, even if you have the perfect venue, an excellent planner and a wonderful person with whom to exchange rings.

It’s easy to forget certain things along the way. However, this shouldn’t add any extra stress. If you’re aware of the common mistakes made in wedding planning (and make an effort to avoid them), then you can have a smooth experience when bringing this life-changing event together.

We asked some of the top names in the industry to share with us what they think are common mistakes couples make. You can avoid making these mistakes by reading their advice.

Planning is not Enjoyable

Although there will be some stress involved in planning a wedding, it is an experience that should be enjoyed with your partner. Heather Lowenthal, Posh Party’s advises: “Enjoy the whole experience including all of its ups and downs.” Remember that planning is part of your storybook.

Her best advice is to remember that this is a long process and take breaks as needed. She recommends that if planning becomes overwhelming, you should take a break and do a fun date or activity to refresh yourself. Remember that planning is a marathon and not a sprint. Create a checklist, and work on one item at a time.

Miscounting your Guest List

Your planning will include coordinating the space and food requirements for each guest. Your vendors will need these numbers to calculate your total spend, reception layout and number of meals. Jeannette Távares, Evoke Design & Creative says that guests often make the mistake of combining both people as well as families when constructing a guest list. It’s easy to make this mistake, as you might be thinking about the number of invitations you need to send. Venues and vendors do not charge by last name, but rather per person.

Tavares advises: “A simple way to avoid it is to add a column in your spreadsheet that tracks how many guests are per invitation.” When your invitations are printed, you won’t have to budget your event based on this number.

No need to tune out the noise

It can be difficult to stay true to the vision you have for your wedding. You should take advice from family members with a pinch of salt. They may have a different vision for your wedding. You will get every opinion you can imagine about your wedding once you announce your engagement. Lowenthal says, “Remember that it is your wedding and your fiancé’s. Do not let others’ opinions affect your vision.” Write down your priorities and wishes with your partner so that you can have a clear idea of what you would like for your wedding. Listen to the opinions of others and take them as they are. You are getting excited and people want to share their experiences with you. “Just because someone offers their opinion, it doesn’t mean you have to accept.”

Social media should also be avoided. It is a great source of inspiration but don’t copy a wedding that you see online. The team at Birch Event Design advises: “Instead of copying a wedding you saw online, let your own vibe shine through.”

Videography is a Missing Link

While photography at weddings is essential, couples often overlook hiring a videographer and then regret it. Lowenthal explains that while you may have beautiful photos to capture your memories, a videographer will bring your wedding day to life. The motion of your wedding day, including the walk down the aisle, your vows, the dancing, and the speeches, will be captured on video. You can show it to your children one day.

Are you still unsure whether or not you need a videographer for your wedding? Consider hiring a content creator to capture more cinematic moments during the day. Lowenthal says that content creators are often a cheaper option. They can capture your entire day, take amazing behind-the scenes shots and create reels of short videos you can share on social media. This gives you motion and sound clips without having to make a feature film.

Avoiding Trends

Planners say that couples should embrace the current trends if they truly resonate with them. Birch Event Design says that couples avoid trends they love because of the fear of looking trendy, even if those trends represent them completely. If you love a trend, and it represents you completely, you shouldn’t care what other people think.

Waiting before signing a prenup

Lowenthal recommends resolving legal issues sooner rather than later if a prenuptial agreement is part of your prewedding plan. I have seen this happen when it is put off to later in the process. It can cause problems in planning and relationships. She says that the sooner you prioritize this issue, the better.

Lack of a weather backup plan

It is important to always have a backup plan if any part of your wedding takes place outdoors. There is a chance that rain will ruin your wedding day, even if you are in the most sunny of locations. You should plan your weather plan while you tour your venue. Tavares says that it’s easier to discuss and visualize a Plan B in advance than to realize there is nothing you can do when the 10-day weather forecast becomes cloudy. Without an emergency tent, many venues will not have enough indoor space for a backup plan.

Plan out alternate photo spots in addition to tenting or indoor alternatives. Tavares says, “If rain is on the horizon you may want to set up a staged photo area, with extra flowers, rentals and lighting, in order to get the end result you will be pleased with.”

First Looks are not necessary

Most planners and photographers agree a first glance is essential for the smooth flow of your celebration. Lowenthal suggests that you plan or allow two hours prior to your ceremony for a first-look and pictures of the couple, your wedding party and your immediate family. This will allow you to enjoy your entire wedding day, including the cocktail hour. She says that a first glance can “ease nerves and allow private time together on your wedding day.”

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