9 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Simple

We suggest that you use the G-rated version our favorite acronym: K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, sis! We have 9 simple ways to make your wedding the most beautiful and memorable.

1. Make sure your guests are on the “A-list”.

A smaller guest list will not only be easier on your budget, but also your sanity. Even if you can’t reduce your guest list to 20 people, reducing it to 150 from 300 will help make things more manageable. intimate affairs are often easier to organize, and they come with a bonus that is invaluable: you get more face-to-face time with the guests.

Pro tip: You can now invite an unlimited number of guests to your wedding — free. But how? live streaming is the answer! Lovecast is a simple, high-quality app that guests can access with a single click.

2. Hire a wedding coordinator/planner.

If you want to simplify your wedding planning, hiring a planner will be the best option. A coordinator with experience will take care of all the details and ensure that everything runs smoothly on the big day. They can also save you money by connecting you with their vast vendor network.

3. Choose a location or setting that is beautiful au naturel.

A celebration at the beach , in an industrial space , or on a cool, industrial location, requires little decor, which means that you can choose, purchase, or DIY your decorations with little effort. The beauty of nature is the best!

4. You can get married in the same location as your reception!

Select a venue where you can hold your event. You will avoid the stress and worry of having to shuttle your guests from place to place.

5. All Inclusive is the new “All-inclusive”!

We have two words to describe the ultimate in simplicity: All Inclusive. All-inclusive venues offer a wide range of services and amenities in addition to their event space, such as on-site coordination and catering, alcohol, staffing, rentals, cakes, and guest accommodations. What a convenient one-stop shop.

6. Fashion is a personal choice.

Make the most of the trend for mixing and matching dresses. Give your ladies (and gentlemen!) and can choose their own outfits based on the color scheme/style of the event you have chosen. Your wedding party members will appreciate the flexibility you offer, and they’ll be happier to spend money on an outfit that they can wear again.

7. Reduce the timeline!

You don’t have to spend 6 hours on your wedding. Work with your coordinator and reduce the number of “must-do”s. Then choreograph the event to fit into a schedule which works for you, as well as your budget. You’ll save money and avoid having your party die as the night goes on. If you and your guests don’t want to end the night yet, you can gather at your favorite dive bar for an after party!

8. Get rid of the fluff

You know those custom wedding corn-hole board pins you’ve seen on Pinterest? You don’t have to use them. The wooden sign with calligraphy? It’s beautiful, but will your guests notice if you don’t have it? Naaahh! We suggest that you focus on only the most important things to make or break your marriage.

9. It’s important to remember that this is not a contest.

Keep your wedding simple if you’re your number one priority. Don’t compare your wedding to others. It’s the easiest and most stressful way to complicate, stress, and spend more. Keep in mind the main reason for this special day: you’re marrying your best friend. This is the most important thing.

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